Antique Sale on 11/07/18
OX49 5EJ

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1.      A pair of late 19th century Meissen porcelain spill vases with applied ram's head and garland decoration, 3 1/2" high £40-60
2.      A late 19th century Meissen porcelain chocolate cup and cover, decorated with Leda and the Swan, with "C" twig form handle, an associated saucer and two 19th century Dresden cabinet cups (one with lid) £60-80
3.      An F R Pratt & Co plate, after T Webster, "Late at School", with oak leaves border, and a collection of Prattware, including three pot lids, three teacups and a number of plates, in sizes (a/f) £40-60
4.      A Royal Worcester "leaf ware" porcelain milk jug and matching sugar bowl, 4" high £30-50
5.      A mid 20th century Royal Worcester porcelain candle snuffer, "Japanese Girl", 3" high £40-60
6.      A 19th "Kaolin" pattern plate and a pair of blue and gilt decorated plates, 9" dia £30-50
7.      A Midwinter "Capri" cake stand, two Midwinter "Moonflare" green floral saucers, designed by Jessie Tait, a similar cup and saucer in the style of Robert Lamont, with floral motifs, hand painted in pinks and greens, and five pieces of Midwinter stainless-steel cutlery, designed by Arthur Price £60-80
8.      A Rosenthal vase, designed by Tapio Wirkkala, with a matt textured finish to rim, marked TW to base, 12" high £50-70
9.      A Rosenthal studio line vase, with matt textured finish, numbers 3084/26 impressed to base, 10" high, a Rosenthal tureen, a quantity of unmatched Rosenthal cutlery, seventeen pieces approx, and a book on Rosenthal (in German) £30-50
10.     A collection of Midwinter salad ware, designed by Terence Conran, including a charger, a triangular salad bowl, a pair of servers and a sauce boat with stand £60-80
11.     A 1950s Midwinter "Clayburn" vase by Jessie Tait, decorated black and white pattern £100-150
12.     A mid 20th century Jessie Tait Midwinter "Ming Tree" lemonade jug with 'C' scroll handle, painted with floral decoration, 11" high £50-70
13.     Two Royal Doulton porcelain figures, "Summer Rose" HN3085 and "Laurianne" HN2719 £20-40
14.     A Moorcroft pottery "Hibiscus" pattern table lamp, 16" high £50-70
15.     A Bing & Grondahl porcelain seated dog, a Lladro seated hare and a Carlton leaf moulded dish £40-60
16.     A Doulton Slaters Patent Stoneware bottle vase, a Doulton Siliconware jardiniere and three pieces of English porcelain £40-60
17.     A Royal Doulton "Flambe" baluster vase, decorated cottage in a wood, 8 1/2" high £40-60
18.     An 18th century Dr Wall period Worcester porcelain saucer dish, with ribbed decoration within a floral border, 4 3/4" dia £30-50
19.     A 19th century tin-glaze earthenware tile, decorated with a leaping dog, 5 1/4" square £40-60
20.     An early 20th century, possibly Booths, porcelain bowl, decorated with flowers and fruit, on a gold painted circular foot £40-60
21.     A Royal Worcester porcelain model of a goldfinch, two other Royal Worcester bird models and a Hadley pot pourri painted with flowers £20-40
22.     Five Staffordshire pottery dogs £40-60
23.     A pair of 19th century Sevres floral encrusted blanc de chine two-branch candlesticks, decorated putti gathering grapes, 10" high £80-120
24.     An early 20th century Bretby pottery turquoise glazed cylindrical stick stand with flying dragon decoration, 23 3/4" high £60-80
25.     A Wedgwood lustre pedestal porcelain bowl, decorated butterflies, on circular foot, 4 1/2" dia £50-70
26.     A Wedgwood lustre octagonal porcelain bowl, decorated with various fish, 6 1/4" dia £60-80
27.     A Wedgwood lustre circular bowl, decorated with Chinese style landscapes, on gold painted geometric foot, 8" dia £80-120
28.     A Wedgwood Fairyland lustre porcelain bowl, designed by Daisey Makeig-Jones, the interior in "Woodland Elves" pattern and the exterior "Woodland Bridge - Nighttime" pattern, gold Portland Vase mark to base, 8 1/2 " dia £1200-1500
29.     A pair of late 19th century square-section bottle vases, 12" high, and a pair of Continental candlesticks with pierced bases, 12" high £30-50
30.     A late 19th century Worcester spill vase with squirrel, 6 1/2" high (restored ears) and a Hadley's Worcester floral decorated jar and cover, 9" high (restored) £40-60
31.     A 19th century blue and white Caughley bowl, decorated fruit and flowers, Ex the Cordwent Collection, 6" dia, and a 19th century Worcester? porcelain saucer dish, decorated blue and white feathers with applied gilt decoration £30-50
32.     A pair of late 19th century Ernst Wahliss and Alfred Stellmacher of Turn Vienna porcelain vases, with stylised flowers and jewel like decoration £100-150
33.     A Doulton Lambeth stoneware ewer, a Doulton Lambeth vase, a lustre jug and a glass vase £20-40
34.      A 19th century Meissen porcelain dish with applied gilt painted floral decoration, 10" dia, and a larger similar dish £50-70
35.     A 19th century German porcelain blanc de chine oval frame, bearing the mark for Helena Wolfsohn, with applied putti floral encrusted decoration, on two ball feet £100-150
36.     A pair of Doulton Lambeth stoneware vases, tubelined with floral decoration, impressed marks to base, 8" high £50-70
37.     A pair of Royal Doulton stoneware ewers with "C" scroll handles, panels of gilt painted "scale" effect decoration, 7 1/2" high, and a similar decorated stoneware three-handled caldron, on three supports, 5 1/2" high £80-120
38.     A pair of Royal Doulton Slaters "lacework" stoneware ewers, by Walter Gandy, with "C" scroll handles, 6 1/2" high, together with a similar vase, 9 1/4" high £60-80
39.     A Doulton Lambeth ewer with "C" scroll handles, leaf and flower decoration, 5" high and three other Doulton stoneware items £80-120
40.     A set of twelve Wedgwood Songbirds of the World limited edition plates, with certificates of authenticity £40-60
41.     Three Royal Copenhagen porcelain models of a rabbit, a chick and a pair of ducks, and a Berlin porcelain model of a seated hare £50-70
42.     A set of five Herend fruit decorated dessert plates, 80" dia, and five similar Continental dessert plates £60-80
43.     An Alan Caiger-Smith Aldermaston pottery tankard and other studio pottery £40-60
44.     An early 20th century Art pottery cylindrical stick stand with two lug handles and drip glaze decoration £60-80
45.     A Maling ware desk inkstand, a Maling ware bowl and two pieces of 1929 N East Coast Exhibition blue and white ware £40-60
46.     A pair of late 19th century Meissen "Oman" pattern blue and white porcelain plates, 9 1/2" dia £30-50
47.     A pair of early 20th century armorial plates, Sampson of Paris?, with coat of arms for the Bourne family of Morefields, Shoreditch, London, 12" dia £40-60
48.     An 18th century Pratt "Admiral Duncan" relief moulded jug, 5 1/2" high (restored) £40-60
49.     A Continental porcelain three-branch candlestick with floral relief decoration, 12" high £20-40
50.     A Poole pottery 1977 Jubilee limited edition plate, Number 206, with certificate, in original box £40-60
51.     An Albany porcelain figure group, "Rendezvous", 18" high, in original box with certifcate £80-120
52.     A 19th century, Samson of Paris, porcelain casket, decorated with flowers thistles and crest with gilt metal mounts, 7" wide £50-70
53.     A 19th century agateware storage jar, painted in shades of brown and cream, 7 1/2" high £50-70
54.     A collection of Worcester porcelain birds, nineteen approx (a/f) £60-80
55.     An early 20th century clear glass tapered jug, etched with deer amongst trees within a Greek key and pattern border, 11" high £40-60
56.     A collection of Holmegaard glass, designed by Per Lutken, styles "Canada" and "Copenhagen", in a smoky grey, twenty-four pieces approx £40-60
57.     A Whitefriars "knobbly" shallow bowl, two sherry decanters and other glass, various £40-60
58.     A quantity of 19th century and later glasses, various £60-80
59.     A mid 20th century clear baguette art glass table lustre, 10" high £40-60
60.     Two Whitefriars green glass oviform vases, 6" high and 4" high, each with original label, and two Whitefriars design glass vases £40-60
61.     A Georgian airtwist stem wine glass with etched trumpet bowl, on circular foot, 6" high, and a Georgian cut glass sweetmeat dish £100-150
62.     A pair of French silver mounted decanters and one other decanter £120-150
63.     An Art Deco liqueur set, six cut glass tumblers, six cocktails, and six brandy balloons £40-60
64.     A collection of Victorian and later turquoise blue glassware £80-120
65.     A pair of 19th cut glass three-ring neck decanters with mushroom stoppers, 12" high £60-80
66.     An Irish early 19th century cut glass bowl and cover, 7" high £80-120
67.     Four 19th century hobnail cut tumblers, a 19th century goblet, two covered bowls (chipped) and two oval dishes £40-60
68.     A quantity of cut glasses and other glassware £20-40
69.     A Continental 19th century white metal mounted clear glass ewer with "acorn" cut glass funnel, 10" high, and a late 19th century brown glass decanter, 8" high £50-70
70.     A quantity of Spode "Italian", including cups, saucers and side plates £30-50
71.     An Edwardian Fenton of England porcelain combination set for six, with swag and Greek key decoration £40-60
72.     An early 20th century Aynsley porcelain dessert service of six plates and two twin-handled dishes, decorated with alternate panels of painted flowers and gilt aesthetic panels £200-300
73.     A Portuguese white glazed part dinner service, etc £20-40
74.     An early 20th century Aynsley bone china part combination service, painted with blue and gilt border £30-50
75.     A Royal Albert "Masquerade" tea service and a "Winterling" coffee set £40-60
76.     A quantity of Royal Crown Derby and other Imari china teawares, etc £60-80
77.     A late 19th century Limoges porcelain part desert service, various Chinese porcelain rice bowls and a part Japanese eggshell porcelain teaset and other decorative china £40-60
78.     A late 19th century Coalport blue and white porcelain combination service, decorated with flowers, together with other porcelain £40-60
79.     An Imari decorated part tea service, a similar dessert service and other decorative china £30-50
80.     A Hornsea "Heirloom" pottery part combination service, including storage canisters, cups, a coffee pot, etc £40-60
81.     A green glazed stoneware squat vase, 19" dia £20-40
82.     A Midwinter Stonehenge "Creation" teaset for six, including six cups, saucers, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, and a Portmeirion pottery teapot £30-50
83.     Seven Spanish porcelain figures, various, including Lladro and Nao (damages) £40-60
84.     A doll's teaset and other decorative china miniatures £20-40
85.     A pair of early 20th century Palais Royal porcelain vases, painted with floral sprays, on square bases, 6" high, a 19th century Worcester porcelain blue and white "Willow" pattern saucer dish, a Bohemian glass goblet, a similar glass and two other items of glass £40-60
86.     A blue and white oval cheese dish and cover, a porcelain parrot and other decorative china, etc £20-40
87.     Two German roemers with nine hock glasses with green stems £40-60
88.     A quantity of Mason's "Mandalay" teawares, together with other miscellaneous china and glass £40-60
89.     An early 20th century Venetian clear and red glass candlestick, 15 1/2" high, and other miscellaneous glassware, including decanters £30-50
90.     A quantity of teawares, including Colclough, various collectors plates and other china and porcelain £50-70
91.     A quantity of glass and other paperweights, including Mdina, Caithness and others £50-70
92.     A cut glass part table service, four Venetian gilt and enamel cups and saucers, a pair of similar tumblers and other glass £60-80
93.     A 19th century pottery arbour group, birds and serpent, 12" high, a 19th century Staffordshire greyhound, 7" high, and other decorative china items £50-70
94.     Seven Derby pattern 383 teacups, a Derby pattern 2912 part teaset and other Derby china and teawares, various £80-120
95.     Six cut glass goblets, four engraved finger bowls, eight salad plates and other glass £40-60
96.     Twelve Italian porcelain soldiers, some Capodimonte and others £50-70
97.     A 19th century blue and gilt boat-shaped teapot, a number of other 19th century teapots and a bat printed sugar bowl (some damages) £30-50
98.     Six cut glass tumblers, twelve sherries and other table glass, various £30-50
99.     Eight cut glass cocktail, a part table service and other table glass, etc £30-50
100.    Six cut glass decanters, various, a rose bowl and other glass £40-60
101.    A Minton "Haddon Hall" soup set for twelve, five pieces of Wedgwood jasperware and other decorative china, various £30-50
102.    A collection of green glass, some with enamel decoration, four Coalport cabbage jugs, in assorted sizes, and assorted paperweights £40-60
103.    A Chinese mid 19th Imari fluted porcelain teapot with "C" shaped handle and silver plated spout, 5 3/4" long £50-70
104.    A Chinese Ming design blue and white saucer dish, the interior decorated with a dragon, Buddhist symbols and flaming pearls within a Greek key boarder, the reverse decorated flowers, six character Yongzheng mark within double circle, 7 1/4" dia £80-120
105.    A Chinese Ming design dish with blue floral decoration on a yellow ground, the reverse with similar decoration within a Greek key border, six character Xuande mark to base, 10" dia £80-120
106.    A Chinese Clair de Lune design crackle glaze pottery jardiniere, on circular unglazed foot, 4 1/4" high £80-120
107.    A Chinese sang de boeuf pottery bottle vase with lustre finish, on circular glazed foot, 12" high £80-120
108.    A Chinese cream glazed monochrome pottery cong vase, incised signature to base, 8" high £60-80
109.    A Chinese Ming design blue and white porcelain gu vase, with lotus leaf and scroll decoration, Jiaqing six character seal mark to base, 9" high £60-80
110.    A Chinese Republic period porcelain baluster vase, decorated with peacocks in a flower bush and calligraphy, on circular Greek key painted foot, six character iron red seal mark to base, 18 1/4" high £60-80
111.    A Canton design porcelain vase, with figure and dragon decoration, dragon ring handles and six character seal mark to base, 19" high £40-60
112.    A Chinese Ming design blue and white mallet porcelain vase, decorated with scrolling lotus leaves and panels of flowers, six character Yongzheng mark within a double circle to base, 13" high £150-200
113.    A Chinese Ming design blue and white porcelain scalloped edge charger, decorated with painted lotus leaf border surrounding three claw dragons and flaming pearls, six character mark Xuande mark within double circle verso, 23" dia £200-300
114.    A Chinese grey crackle glaze porcelain bottle vase, decorated with birds in a blossom tree, four character iron red mark to base, 14" high £120-150
115.    A Chinese Republic period porcelain baluster vase, decorated with cranes and peach tree, six character Kangxi mark within double circle to base, 16" high (chip to rim) £80-120
116.    A Chinese famille verte plate with mythical beasts decoration, 10 1/2" dia (heavily restored) £80-120
117.    A Chinese Republic period porcelain mallet vase with Greek key and geometric neck, the body enamelled with ducks and flowers, six character Daoguang seal mark to base, 10 1/4" high £150-200
118.    A Chinese 19th century crackle glaze cache pot, on three unglazed stylised feet, 4 1/4" high £80-120
119.    A Chinese 19th century blue and white porcelain jardiniere with Greek key rim above alternate roundels of Phoenix and flying dragons, on Greek key foot, double circle mark to base, 6" dia £180-220
120.    A Chinese "lotus leaf" porcelain bowl, with enamelled decoration of various figures, six character Guangxu mark to base, 4 1/2" dia £40-60
121.    A Chinese Republic period grey stoneware cricket fighting case, decorated with incised mountain scenes, the cover with impressed script, four character mark to base, 4 3/4" wide £40-60
122.    A Chinese 18th century porcelain baluster vase decorated with Buddhist symbols, lustred to look like bronze, six character Qianlong mark to base, 8 1/2" high £400-600
123.    A Republic period Yixing design terracotta vase, decorated with flaming pearls and flying dragons, 12" high £80-120
124.    A late 17th century / early 18th century Chinese porcelain gu vase, decorated with flying dragon on a pink ground, double circle mark to base, 9 1/2" high (restored) £60-80
125.    Six Chinese Republic period porcelain bowls, each with character marks to base, 5" dia £20-40
126.    A late 19th century Satsuma vase (now converted to electricity), decorated with warriors and two ring lion mask handles, on a hardwood stand, 24" high £60-80
127.    A Chinese early 20th century hexagonal vase, enamelled with figure decoration and applied peach handles, 16" high £60-80
128.    A Chinese pottery Jun glazed model of a standing scholar, together with three other Chinese pottery figures £100-150
129.    A pair of 1930s Satsuma vases with figure decoration, 13" high £20-40
130.    An early 20th century Satsuma lidded kora, decorated with panels of figures and two gold painted elephant head handles, 5 1/2" wide £80-120
131.    A late Meiji period Satsuma porcelain vase, decorated with various characters and two gilt painted handles, 5" high £80-120
132.    A 19th century Chinese exportware porcelain jug, decorated with a bird on a branch and "C" scroll handle, on circular foot, and an Islamic design gilt metal mounted turquoise pottery vase £60-80
133.    A collection of Chinese and other ginger jars and covers, two blue and white vases and other Chinese porcelain birds and Oriental ceramics £40-60
134.    A Chinese early 20th century ivory casket, inset with carved floral panels, on shaped carved feet, 4 1/2" wide (for restoration) £60-80
135.    A 19th century conical bowl, painted with a figure on horseback and a border of Islamic script, on unglazed circular foot £50-70
136.    A 19th century Indian terracotta bowl, painted with various animals and birds, on three stylised supports, 9 1/2" dia £40-60
137.    no lot £80-120
138.    A copper and white metal Indian spittoon, decorated with panels of flowers and script, 12 1/4" dia £60-80
139.    An early 20th century Japanese cloisonne standing owl, on carved hardwood stand, 4" high £40-60
140.    A Chinese brass and copper incense burner with two swing handles, decorated with Chinese symbols, four character mark to base, 5" dia £30-50
141.    A Chinese carved bamboo cylindrical brush pot, carved with mother oxen and stot, the reverse with script, bearing incised character mark, 6 1/2" high £80-120
142.    Two Chinese green jadeite/jade carved roundels, a Chinese grey jadeite/jade carving of a character and a dragon, and a black hardstone model of a recumbent goat £50-70
143.    A Chinese brass two-handled censer, the pierced lid with Kylin surmount, on three dragon mask feet, 7" high £250-300
144.    A Chinese pre 19th century Archaic design vessel, in the form of a dragon's head with serpent "C" shaped handle, 14" long £220-280
145.    Two Chinese 19th century dragon carved needle cases, 6 1/4" long, and a similar thread winder case, 1 1/2" dia £100-150
146.    A Chinese 19th century brise fan with landscape decorated vane, 7 1/2" long £80-120
147.    A Japanese ivory pocket sundial with recessed gnomon, 1 3/4" long £80-120
148.    Two Chinese early 20th century hardwood hanging panels, with inlaid mother-of-pearl decoration of soldiers, and three Chinese hardwood stands £60-80
149.    A Chinese 18th century bronze two-handled censer, the handles cast in the form of mythical creatures, on three supports, six character mark to base, 10" dia, and an associated hardwood stand £400-600
150.    An early 20th century brass model of the Fat Buddha, a blue glazed pottery Dog of Fo and two marble bookends £40-60
151.    A Meiji period carved ivory okimono, in the form of a snake entwining a bull frog, signed to base, 2 3/4" high £120-150
152.    A Meiji period carved ivory okimono, in the form of Hotei carrying a basket of children, signed to base, 2 1/2" high £120-150
153.    A Chinese carved green hardstone (possibly jade) vase, and cover with bird surmount (now converted to electricity), 19" high £300-400
154.    A 19th century Indian ivory sectional box in the 17th century style, carved with portraits of Mughals, together with various other pieces of ivory, including a carved model of St George on horseback (damages) £400-600
155.    An early 20th century Indian white metal hot water pot with cast serpent handle, elephant trunk spout and slight hammered finish, 9 1/2" high £50-70
156.    A Nepalese 19th century metal box set with blue and red hardstones £50-70
157.    A 19th century stained ivory three-tier Canton chess set, on stand under a glass dome (incomplete) £80-120
158.    A Chinese brass two-handled censer, six character seal mark to base, on brass "lotus leaf" stylised base, 9 1/2" wide £60-80
159.    An 18th century turned bone ear scoop with natural sponge end, 4 3/4" long £30-50
160.    A reproduction brass sextant, in fitted hardwood case £40-60
161.    A French late 19th century gilded brass three-piece clock garniture by H Luppens, Paris, the white enamel dial painted with black Arabic numerals, twin winding holes with key and pendulum, 26" wide x 23" high £400-600
162.    A 19th century brass cased mantel clock with enamelled black painted numerals, cast with floral and scroll decoration and eagle surmount, on scroll feet, 16" high £80-120
163.    A 19th century rosewood banjo aneroid barometer with broken swan neck pediment and ivory adjusting knop £60-80
164.    A mid 20th century oak cased aneroid banjo barometer / thermometer with carved scroll decoration, 34" long £40-60
165.    A mid 19th century mahogany shape top mantel clock with eight-day movement and lion mask handles, 18" high £60-80
166.    A Negretti and Zambra barograph, in mahogany glazed case, 14" wide £80-120
167.    A collection of mid 20th century and later binoculars £40-60
168.    An Edwardian mahogany and brass four-draw telescope, by Davies of London, and three other Victorian telescopes £60-80
169.    A Victorian marble and slate cased mantel clock with white painted enamel dial, painted Roman numerals and presentation plaque, and another similar £50-70
170.    An Olympus OM-1 SLR, two Zenith cameras and a number of lenses, cases, etc £40-60
171.    A Pentax K1000 SLR, in case, a Minolta XG-M SLR and a number of 35mm lenses and non-reflex cameras £40-60
172.    An early Victorian mahogany bracket clock with twin fusee movement, in carved arch top case, 19" high, and wall bracket for same £300-500
173.    A white painted Anglepoise design lamp, a copper bed warmer, a number of ebony elephants and other decorative items £30-50
174.    A brass coal helmet, three fire irons, a pair of brass mounted bellows and a trivet £40-60
175.    Four pieces of Stelton ware, designed in 1967 by Arne Jacobsen, Denmark, including a stainless steel teapot, a coffee pot, a hot water jug and a cocktail shaker £100-150
176.    A late 19th century brass desk inkwell, four button hooks and a number of other items £40-60
177.    A copper coal helmet, a brass column table lamp, an Edwardian brass wirework fireguard and a set of fire implements and rests £40-60
178.    An early 19th century gilt brass pocket watch stand, formed as a vine tree with sheep below, on stepped base, 8" high £50-70
179.    A 19th century Harlow patent corkscrew with ivory handle £40-60
180.    A 19th century brass chestnut roaster, a brass mirror, a Victorian brass two-piece companion set, and a brass and iron horseshoe-shaped trivet £40-60
181.    A Huntley & Palmer biscuit tin, in the form of eight leather bound books, "History of England, Pilgrim's Progress, Burns, etc" £60-80
182.    A quantity of pewter tankards, various £20-40
183.    An engraved brass pomander holder, a Davy safety lamp, a "crystal" ball and other items, various £40-60
184.    A 19th century embossed copper plaque, depicting Cupid and Psyche sitting on a rock, in a painted wooden frame £20-40
185.    An assortment of brass candlesticks and other brass items £20-40
186.    A bronze cockerel, after P J Mene, impressed signature, on circular base, 4 1/4" high £30-50
187.    A late 18th century brass candlestick, 10" high £20-40
188.    A mahogany swing frame mirror, the base fitted three drawers (for restoration), a set of three Indian carved wooden trays and one other £20-40
189.    A mahogany and line inlaid workbox and a number of other boxes, various £30-50
190.    An Indian carved sandalwood workbox with Vizagapatam design borders £40-60
191.    Four Middle Eastern daggers and a mixed metal powder flask £40-60
192.    An early 19th century rosewood and brass mounted writing box with fitted interior, 16" wide £100-150
193.    An early 19th century mahogany tea caddy with three division interior, 12" wide £50-70
194.    A 19th century mahogany tea sarcophagus with fitted interior, 11 1/2" wide £60-80
195.    A 19th century mahogany tea sarcophagus, 11" wide, and a similar tea caddy, 8" wide £60-80
196.    A 19th century mahogany miniature chest of two short and three long drawers, 12 1/2" wide £60-80
197.    A treen oak spinning top, a cup and ball game, a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle and other treen £50-70
198.    An Edwardian oak slope front stationery cabinet, with fitted interior £40-60
199.    A 19th century mahogany two-division tea caddy with engraved glass blending bowl, on bun feet, 12" wide £60-80
200.    A 19th century carved box wood, bone and inlaid service bell pull, 4" long £20-40
201.    A gentleman's late Victorian leather writing box together with a number of wooden storage boxes £40-60
202.    A collection of carved and painted wood bottle stoppers, various £40-60
203.    A carved and painted wood milkmaid and cow, a similar pig, a cockerel and a number of hardwood elephants and other animals, various £40-60
204.    A late 19th century walnut and brass writing slope £20-40
205.    A turned walnut stand, 18 1/2" high £30-50
206.    A 19th century burr walnut trinket box with sliding action top, 11" wide £40-60
207.    A 19th century Italian carved walnut and inlaid workbox, 9 1/4" wide £40-60
208.    A set of mid 19th century ivory and ebony dominoes, in a fitted mahogany box £40-60
209.    A quantity of assorted die-cast model cars (mostly well played with) £30-50
210.    A sword stick, 36" overall, and a silver mounted Malacca cane, 35" long £80-120
211.    An ebonised walking stick with silver mounts, an ebonised evening cane with hexagonal Continental silver handle and an umbrella with leather handle £50-70
212.    A wooden ammunition case, by Parker & Hale £30-50
213.    A Merrythought blonde mohair teddy bear, a J D's Dolls & Teddies growler bear and one other £40-60
214.    An early 20th century porcelain head doll, 15" high, a composition doll, 17" high, and a number of smaller dolls £30-50
215.    A Pelham puppet "Mr Turnip", in original box, and a companion "Mitzi", in original box £40-60
216.    An ebony evening cane with gold top, three umbrellas and a swagger stick £30-50
217.    Two Franklin Mint scale model vehicles, 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 £20-40
218.    No Lot
219.    A collection of Corgi die-cast scale models of buses and coaches, in boxes £60-80
220.    Eight scale models of sports cars, a similar wooden model and a collection of Meccano brochures, Meccano pieces, etc £30-50
221.    A quantity of split cane fishing rods, some in fitted canvas bags £60-80
222.    Five Mamod static steam engines (some a/f) £60-80
223.    A quantity of Webley and other pistols, etc £80-120
224.    A quantity of replica firearms £40-60
225.    A quantity of Action Man accessories and other model soldiers £40-60
226.    A Lego Technics 8860 set, an 8855 set and a number of other boxed sets of Technics and loose £40-60
227.    An Aurora racetrack set with cars, three Scalextric cars and a miniature railway set £40-60
228.    A collection of Star Wars and other articulated figures £30-50
229.    A shove ha'penny board and a number of other board games £40-60
230.    A collection of wooden building block sets, a number of modern marbles and other toys, Airfix kits, etc £40-60
231.    Sixteen die-cast "Thames Valley" single deck buses, two others and a number of Dinky models £30-50
232.    A BSA Meteor .22 air rifle with telescopic sight, in padded case £60-80
233.    A Daisy Heddon air rifle, two other air rifles and a telescopic sight £60-80
234.    Two French 19th century bayonets and scabbards, blades 18 1/2" long £60-80
235.    A 19th century cutlass with brass guard, blade 24 1/2" long, in part leather scabbard £60-80
236.    Fourteen sheath knives, various, and three Arabian daggers, with scabbards £60-80
237.    A betel nut cutter, a leather worker's knife, a Chinese lock, a modern snuff bottle and other items, various £30-50
238.    Two Oriental hardwood spears with sheaths, 47" and 76" long £40-60
239.    A tribal blowpipe with darts, in bamboo case, pipe 66" long £40-60
240.    A Dayak parang and scabbard, a kukri with scabbard and skinning knives, and three short spears £40-60
241.    An Indonesian shaped bladed parang with horn handle, 28" long, and an Indonesian kris with carved hardwood scabbard, blade 17" long £50-70
242.    Three axes, a shaped blade and two Middle Eastern knives £30-50
243.    A white metal Luftwaffe Observer's cap badge £60-80
244.    A late 18th century alphanumeric needlework sampler, by Emma Curtis, 1793, 13" x 10" £50-70
245.    A pair of brown leather riding boots with associated boot trees £50-70
246.    A jacquard type over wall hanging, decorated figures, and a doll's wooden four poster bed £30-50
247.    A beaver fur coat £20-40
248.    Two Kaffe Fassette woollen cardigans and another by Roche John Roche £40-60
249.    A Turkish wall hanging, landscape with peacock £20-40
250.    A lady's mid 20th century beadwork bag, one other evening bag with gold thread floral decoration, and a lady's compact £20-40
251.    A lady's fur cape and a fur stole £30-50
252.    A Berlin woolwork panel, "Saint Mark", 11" x 8", in gilt frame £30-50
253.    A Chinese embroidered silk panel, phoenix and flowers, 35" x 23 1/2", in strip frame £80-120
254.    Six handbags, various £40-60
255.    Four animal skin handbags, various, a silver and gilt woven clutch bag and a lady's leather writing set £60-80
256.    A vintage black lizard skin clutch bag, by Gucci £100-150
257.    A vintage cream lizard skin handbag/clutch bag, by Gucci £150-250
258.    A vintage blue velvet handbag, by Gucci £100-150
259.    A vintage dark brown lizard skin and suede lined handbag, by Gucci £150-250
260.    A vintage white ostrich skin handbag, by Hermes, with dust bag and card box £250-300
261.    A vintage embroidered drawstring purse, by Cartier, in original card box £80-120
262.    A lady's mink fur hat, by Birger Christensen £60-80
263.    An early 20th century fan with silk vane (for restoration) £30-50
264.    A black Bakelite Swan Leverless fountain pen with 14ct gold nib, complete with box and paperwork £40-60
265.    A Meerschaum pipe, carved Bacchus, in fitted case £20-40
266.    A 19th century cartouche-shape painted papier-mache tray, in the manner of Jennens & Bettridge, painted with flowers and birds, 25" wide, together with a papier-mache book cover and a wine coaster £80-120
267.    A pair of late 19th century / early 20th century South American clogs, carved with floral and geometric patterns, 9" long £50-70
268.    A quantity of tourist collectibles from various countries, including elephants, etc £20-40
269.    Four 19th century cupping glasses, a pair of ebony hair brushes, on stand with a tortoiseshell comb £30-50
270.    A selection of wooden veneers and metal furniture mounts £40-60
271.    A collection of shells and mineral samples, including lapis lazuli, slices of banded agate, etc, together with various hardstone eggs, etc £60-80
272.    A bottle of Bardinet Napoleon VSOP brandy, a bottle of Sequin Napoleon brandy and a bottle of Le Reviseur Napoleon champagne cognac £60-80
273.    Three bottles of Ballantine's Scotch whisky, various £80-120
274.    Two bottles of Stewarts Cream of the Barley Scotch whisky, a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon whiskey £80-120
275.    A bottle of Dalwhinnie single malt Scotch whisky, a bottle of Miltonduff malt whisky and a bottle of Glenturret single malt Scotch whisky £80-120
276.    A Slazenger Panther 200 cricket bat, a Slazenger Royal Crown tennis racket and a Sondico Power Shot tennis racket £20-40
277.    Attilio Fagioli: an early 20th century carved marble head of a woman, with impressed signature to stand, 23" high £300-500
278.    Sixteen felt and plastic stemmed red roses ring boxes £10-15
279.    A Ma Cousette sewing machine, in box £10-20
280.    A Shangtang silver and ebony chopstick set, in fitted silk box, and a replica Indian dagger £40-60
281.    Six carved bone spoons and six horn spoons, various £20-40
282.    A French 19th century silver and gilt waisted scent bottle, holder and cover with flowers and scroll decoration, 3" long £120-150
283.    A French 19th century white metal and agate seal, surmounted with Joan of Arc, the intaglio bearing script, 2 1/2" high £50-70
284.    A boxed bottle of Remy Martin XO Special Fine Champagne Cognac and a boxed bottle of Mandarine Napoleon Grande Liqueur Imperiale au Cognac Napoleon £50-70
285.    Twelve bottles of Baron Philippe de Rothschild Mouton Cadet Bordeaux 1990 £60-80
286.    Eighteen bottles of wine, various, and a bottle of Carlsbad Becher Liqueur £60-80
287.    An Egyptian mid 20th century marble vase, 10" high £60-80
288.    A 19th century papier-mache two-division tea caddy, painted with scrolls and flowers, 7" wide £60-80
289.    A pair of early 20th century brass spill holders, in the form of putti, each on circular marble bases, 8" high £50-70
290.    A late 19th century brass ink box with pierced floral and swag decoration, the interior with spaces for two bottles and a blotter, on bracket feet, 9 1/2" wide £50-70
291.    An early 20th century ship's brass circular porthole £20-40
292.    A 19th century mother-of-pearl and tortoiseshell card case, inset with engraved silver panel, 4 1/2" x 3" £50-70
293.    A quantity of jade onyx and green hardstone fruit, including grapes, etc £40-60
294.    A 19th century shell, carved with the emblematic symbol for night, 5 1/2" long £50-70
295.    A group of painted bargeware items, including watering cans, etc £60-80
296.    A quantity of early 20th century and later unused clay pipes £40-60
297.    A Parker rolled gold fountain pen and pencil set, in case, two Parker 45 fountain pens, a number of other fountain pens, various, and a set of drawing instruments, in case £60-80
298.    A collection of tropical shells, mostly Malay, various £40-60
299.    Nine bottles of red wine, various, and a bottle of sherry, contained in a wood and metal wine rack £30-50
300.    Five Armstrong Siddeley car mascots/bonnet mounts, various, three associated horse brasses and an Egyptian brass bust £120-150
301.    A black Japanned wall lantern with rams head terminals £40-60
302.    A pair of early 20th century metal framed three-light wall sconces, hung cut glass drops £80-120
303.    A pair of Cromwellian design brass three-light wall lights and a four-branch metal electrolier £20-40
304.    A 19th century gilt metal and glass chandelier and a two-light table candelabrum £80-120
305.    An album of early 20th century photographs and other ephemera £20-40
306.    A selection of books, various, relating to aviation, etc £30-50
307.    A selection of ephemera, including a table plan and guest list for Foyles Luncheons, signed by Sir John Clements £30-50
308.    Harry Roberts: "Britain in Pictures", 26 vols illust, board bound with paper dust jacket, pub Collins MCMXLVI (1946) £30-50
309.    A quantity of Studio magazines dating from 1890 to 1900, fifty approx £40-60
310.    "Racing Illustrated", two bound vols, dating to 1895 £100-150
311.    A set of twelve silver plated models of Chinamen, in fitted box £40-60
312.    A silver plate tazza, a copper jug, a plated photo frame and a silver photo frame £30-50
313.    A selection of stainless steel cutlery, by Barkers of Kensington and Viners, after a design by Gerald Benney, in associated wooden canteen £40-60
314.    Eight silver and hardstone designer necklaces £30-50
315.    An early 20th century Georgian design Sheffield plate bottle coaster, cast with applied flower decoration, on turned wooden base, 6 3/4" dia £20-40
316.    Two silver plated hip flasks and a Georgian design plated wine funnel £40-60
317.    Two silver plated Georgian design salvers, a plated four-piece teaset with engraved decoration, and other plated items £40-60
318.    A quantity of sliver plated cutlery, loose and cased, a silver plated entree dish and cover and various other plated items £40-60
319.    A pair of silver plated bottle coasters, two plated teapots, a plated tray and other plated items £40-60
320.    A silver plated oval gallery tray, a plated teaset and other plated items £40-60
321.    A quantity of silver plated cutlery and flatware, a spirit kettle and stand, and a tray £30-50
322.    A quantity of Christophe silver plated flatware, various, and other flatware £60-80
323.    A late 19th century silver plated kris, a WMF cup-holder, a pair of stoneware silver-lined salts, various spoons, mother-of-pearl cutlery, etc £50-70
324.    A nurse's early 20th century Thai silver buckle, with monkey and scroll decoration, 5" long £40-60
325.    A pair of late Victorian silver pepperettes each with fluted body on circular foot, Goldsmiths' & Silversmiths' Company, London 1901, 3 1/2" high, 2oz troy approx, a Scottish Georgian teaspoon, a silver trumpet vase and a silver backed comb £60-80
326.    A pair of silver trencher salts with glass liners, 3.1oz troy approx £30-50
327.    A silver photograph frame, embossed with bird and scroll decoration, Sheffield 2009, 5" x 3 1/2", together with a rectangular silver frame and a circular photograph frame £60-80
328.    A late Victorian silver cream jug, London 1897, two Georgian silver teaspoons, a late Victorian silver tablespoon, a three piece cruet set, a silver and tortoiseshell backed mirror, etc, 9.6oz troy approx £60-80
329.    A George V silver jug with "S" scroll handle and mask pouring spout, on stepped circular foot, Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd, Sheffield 1905, 6" high, 17.8oz troy approx £150-180
330.    No Lot
331.    A pair of parcel gilt berry spoons, London 1766, 5oz troy approx £80-120
332.    A silver propelling pencil with engine turned decoration, together with two silver plated propelling pencils £30-50
333.    A collection of white metal and sterling silver pin trays £50-70
334.    A William IV King's pattern silver caddy spoon £30-50
335.    A tea strainer, sifter spoons, etc, 5.6oz troy approx £80-120
336.    An assortment of silver table spoons, 10oz troy approx £80-120
337.    An assortment of Fiddle pattern teaspoons, 7oz troy approx £60-80
338.    An assortment of silver, including a sugar caster, an egg cup, napkin rings, etc, 6oz troy approx £80-120
339.    No Lot
340.    No Lot
341.    A quantity of Victorian and later silver, including sugar tongs, caddy spoons and other items, 6.8oz troy approx £70-90
342.    A Russian pierced spoon, 1.5oz troy approx £60-80
343.    A cream jug with ribbed body, London 1865, 3oz troy approx £40-60
344.    Six Fiddle pattern forks, six table forks, and two serving spoons, 28oz troy approx £180-200
345.    A sterling silver cigarette case with engine turned decoration, together with two other cigarette cases, 12oz troy approx £80-120
346.    Three Victorian silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons, London 1851, each initialled, 5.4oz troy approx £30-50
347.    A pair of silver serving spoons and a silver pin dish, 5.2oz troy approx £40-60
348.    Two early 20th century Chinese silver dessert spoons, impressed mark for Wang Hing, together with other silver plate, various £40-60
349.    A Georgian silver marrow scoop with crest of a phoenix holding a star standing on a crown, possibly London 1730, 9" long, 1.9oz troy approx £60-80
350.    A pair of Georgian silver sauce ladles, London 1815, 3.9oz troy approx £40-60
351.    A set of four Georgian silver dessert spoons, London 1814, a similar pair of forks and various other cutlery, 24 oz troy approx £150-200
352.    A silver christening spoon, a pair of silver servers, a set of silver handled tea knives, a set of silver bladed and mother-of-pearl handled tea knives, a cake knife and a pair of plated servers £80-120
353.    Six silver slip top coffee spoons, in case, a silver pillbox, embossed golfing design, and other silver plated flatware, cased £30-50
354.    Nine modern enamelled pill boxes, various designs, and a pair of Royal Crown Derby limited edition 1986 Royal Wedding thimbles £40-60
355.    Two engine turned silver cigarette boxes, a silver mounted jar and a silver capstan inkwell (no liner) £60-80
356.    A silver christening knife, fork and spoon set, in case, a pair of silver sugar tongs, two Georgian silver handle knives and two silver handle shoe horns £40-60
357.    A limited edition Parker "Snake" fountain pen with solid silver mounts, No 4685, with original box and paperwork £500-700
358.    Five Parker fountain pens and two others, various £40-60
359.    A pair of George V silver candlesticks with beaded sconces and octagonal stems, on beaded stepped square bases, Birmingham 1918, 5 1/4" high £50-70
360.    A French late 19th century silver circular pill box and cover, engraved with scrolls and Moorish style patterns, engraved initials, 2" dia £50-70
361.    A Georgian mahogany inlaid serpentine front knife box, fitted with crested silver handled cutlery, thirty-three pieces approx £300-500
362.    An American sterling silver pedestal bowl with pierced and beaded rim, on beaded rim square foot, J E Caldwell, Philadelphia, 8" dia, 21.1oz troy approx £180-220
363.    A George V silver sugar caster with reeded rim, on circular stepped foot, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1914, 8" high, 5.7oz troy approx £40-60
364.    A late Victorian silver sugar caster with twist finial, ribbed body, on stepped circular foot, Thomas Bradbury, London 1901, 6.7oz troy approx £50-70
365.    No Lot
366.    A mid Victorian silver chalice engraved with flowers and geometric patterns, the stem terminating in circular foot with beaded moulding, Fenton Brother, Sheffield 1876, 8" high, 7.9oz troy approx £60-80
367.    An Asprey & Co silver cream jug with "S" scroll handle cast with acanthus leaf, on three feet, Birmingham 1905, 5 3/4" long, 3oz troy approx £40-60
368.    A pair of silver baluster candlesticks, each on stepped circular bases, Edward Barnard & Sons, London 1909, 9" high £120-150
369.    A pair of silver candlesticks, on circular reeded stepped bases, Henry Hobson & Sons, Birmingham 1909, 2 3/4" high £40-60
370.    No Lot
371.    A set of six Fiddle pattern spoons, in fitted case, Cooper Brothers, London 1907, 10oz troy approx £80-120
372.    A silver 1997 Silver Jubilee Queen's goblet, 5 1/2" high, 4.2oz troy approx £50-70
373.    No Lot
374.    A George V silver sugar bowl with pierced gallery, on three scroll feet, Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths', London 1908, 3" high, 3.7oz troy approx £40-60
375.    A late Victorian silver sugar box with ring handles and ribbed body, on oval foot, 3 1/2" wide, 4.1oz troy approx £40-60
376.    An early Victorian pierced bonbon dish, Thomas Diller 1839, 5 1/2" high, 8oz troy approx £150-200
377.    An early Victorian pierced bonbon dish, Thomas Diller 1839, 4 1/2" high, 4.6oz troy approx £80-120
378.    A Georgian four-piece silver teaset, cast with flowers, London 1829, 89oz troy approx £700-1000
379.    Four cases of Georgian Fiddle pattern teaspoons, commemorative spoons, six coffee spoons and thread and shell tea knives £60-80
380.    No Lot
381.    Three silver mounted match strikers, two silver butter dishes with glass liners, a cut glass scent bottle with silver collar and a Continental white metal milk jug £70-90
382.    A quantity of silver, including a silver topped grenade-shaped scent bottle, an engine turned cigarette case, a silver topped dressing table jar, a folding mother-of-pearl handled fruit knife, etc, 7.8oz troy weighable £60-80
383.    A set of twelve silver teaspoons, Edward Viner, Sheffield 1932, 3.2oz troy approx £25-30
384.    A pair of George V silver sauceboats retailed by Hamilton & Inches, with 'S' scroll handles, on pad feet supports, Sheffield 1923, 6 1/2" long, 8.9oz troy approx £60-80
385.    A George V silver sugar caster, on three lion mask supports, 6" high, a silver bonbon dish, 3 3/4" wide, and a pierced silver basket, on four scroll feet, 7 1/2" wide, 14.6oz troy approx £100-150
386.    A Norwegian .830 standard silver beaker, by David Andersen, together with various other white metal items £60-80
387.    An early 20th century Indian silver beaker, embossed with various figures within a scroll floral border, a silver two-handled trophy cup and two similar trophy cups £60-80
388.    A George V silver trinket box, a Georgian silver caddy spoon and other items of silver including a pocket watch case £60-80
389.    A late Victorian silver teapot with embossed floral and acanthus leaf decoration, composition handle and ebonised knop finial, 8" long, 8.7oz troy approx £40-60
390.    A pair of grenade shaped cut glass scent bottles, each with silver tops, a similar dressing table jar, and a pair of silver collared trinket dishes £40-60
391.    A George IV silver pierced bonbon dish on four claw feet, together with a set of six silver teaspoons, six silver miniature forks, eight Thai silver spoons and other items, 9.1oz troy approx £60-80
392.    A set of six George V silver teaspoons and a pair of matching sugar tongs, Chester 1909, in fitted case, together with three Victorian silver spoons, London 1852, 5.4oz troy approx £40-60
393.    A late Victorian silver buckle cast with floral decoration, Birmingham 1900, two other silver buckles and a silver mounted chain mail purse, import marks, 2.8oz troy approx £60-80
394.    A George V silver hot water jug with "S" scroll ebonised handle and knop, on four supports, Adie Brothers, Birmingham 1925, 8 3/4" high, 17.6oz troy gross £100-150
395.    A George V silver sugar caster, Harrison Brothers, Sheffield 1925, 6 1/2" high, a Victorian silver pepperette, on cartouche-shaped foot, William Conwyns & Sons, London 1869, and a George V silver drum mustard and associated spoon, Sydney Bellamy Hardman, London 1925, 11.1oz troy approx £60-80
396.    A part canteen of Irish Victorian silver King's pattern flatware, comprising fourteen table forks, seven dessert forks, three serving spoons, six dessert spoons and eight teaspoons, 100oz troy approx £800-1000
397.    A silver topped brown glass brandy decanter, a silver plate topped brown glass brandy decanter, a similar clear glass brandy decanter and other plate £50-70
398.    A 9ct gold pin set with three seed pearls, a 9ct gold Egyptian locket on chain and a yellow metal ring set with two stones (one missing) £60-80
399.    A Tiffany heart-shaped silver locket and various other silver and costume jewellery £30-40
400.    A 9ct gold chain with Continental .583 grade gold diamond-shaped pendant, 4.5g gross £40-60
401.    A quantity of cufflinks and dress studs, including 18ct gold, in brown leather box £120-150
402.    A Lanco Olympic automatic wristwatch with gold plated case, a number of other wristwatches and a Goliath pocket watch £40-50
403.    A selection of costume jewellery and a silver plated evening purse £30-40
404.    A 19th century Berlin cut steel and tortoiseshell hair clip, formed as a butterfly, and a 19th century Vulcanite knot brooch £40-60
405.    A lady's 18ct gold open face pocket watch with Roman numerals and engraved floral back, 1 1/4" dia £50-70
406.    A 14ct yellow and white gold Art Deco design ring set twenty-six diamonds £60-80
407.    Two gentleman's 9ct gold signet rings, 10g gross £80-120
408.    Four 9ct gold charms, a pair of ballet shoes, Cupid, a spinning pendant and a key, 12g £80-120
409.    Three 9ct gold pendants, in the form of a telephone, a television and a radio, 8g £60-80
410.    Twelve silver dress rings and two pairs of silver hoop earrings £50-70
411.    A 9ct gold pierced ring, a 9ct gold and diamond cluster ring and a sapphire and diamond flower head pendant £60-80
412.    Six pairs of 9ct gold earrings £80-120
413.    Four boxes of costume jewellery £40-60
414.    Four Irena Laski vintage leather "bangles" £40-60
415.    Two cameo brooches, two marcasite brooches, other costume jewellery, two silver thimbles, three condiment spoons, etc £40-60
416.    An 18ct gold and enamel cased half hunter pocket watch with white enamel dial, Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial signed Jump London £500-700
417.    An 18ct gold cased open faced pocket watch with white enamel dial, Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial by Charles Frodsham, London £500-700
418.    An 18ct gold cased square faced Jaeger-Le Coultre wristwatch, with champagne dial and baton numerals, on a black suede and leather strap, in associated box with international guarantee £200-300
419.    An 18ct white gold cased Boucheron wristwatch with geometric case and dial and sapphire crown winder, on black leather strap £200-300
420.    A stainless steel cased Omega Constellation Chronometer wristwatch with quartz movement, silvered dial with baton numerals and date aperture at three o'clock, with blue crocodile effect strap with stainless steel buckle £150-250
421.    A Bulova Accutron wristwatch with gold plated and stainless steel case, white enamel dial with baton numerals, on associated expandable bracelet £60-80
422.    Two silver cased hunter pocket watches with engine turned decoration £60-80
423.    An 18ct gold cased half hunter quarter repeater pocket watch with white enamel dial Roman numerals, the dial signed S Smith & Sons Ltd, 9 Strand, London WC £3000-5000
424.    A yellow and white metal watch chain together with a yellow metal propelling pencil, with engine turned decoration and hardstone seal top £120-150
425.    A collection of costume jewellery bracelets £60-80
426.    A quantity of costume jewellery brooches, each of a different designer £50-70
427.    A Sampson Mordan & Co 9ct gold propelling pencil, 3" long £50-70
428.    A Kendal & Dent 9ct gold half hunter pocket watch with original receipt, warranty dated 1945 £400-500
429.    Two Italian 19th century micro mosaic panels of classical buildings and two pieces of agate £50-70
430.    A yellow metal mounted pearl pendant, on a travelink chain £30-50
431.    Two 9ct gold curb link bracelets with heart-shaped clasps, 31.8g gross £260-280
432.    A rolled gold bangle with engraved decoration, a child's silver bangle, an ivory bead necklace and a mixed metal pendant £30-50
433.    An 18ct two colour gold tennis bracelet set fifty-one brilliant cut diamonds, each stone .06ct approx, 7 1/2" long, 16.2g gross £700-900
434.    An 18ct gold square link choker set five cabochon rubies, 15" long approx £400-500
435.    An 18ct gold ring set three graduated emeralds flanked baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, ring size M £300-500
436.    A three-strand cultured pearl bracelet with 9ct gold clasp and mounts, 7 3/4" long £100-150
437.    A pair of 18ct gold drop earrings, set central pear cut emerald, flanked diamonds in brilliant and baguette cuts, 1" long £400-600
438.    A quantity of dress wristwatches and stopwatches, etc £40-60
439.    A 9ct gold cased wristwatch, three pocket watches and a Rolex box £80-120
440.    A 19th century shaped gilt metal casket mount £120-150
441.    An Art Deco design silver brooch, a Kigu marcasite brooch and other costume jewellery, various £40-60
442.    Merite Commercial: a French gilt metal and enamel order of commercial and industrial merit, in box £20-30
443.    A Gallipoli star, complete with ribbon, 2 1/2" wide £60-80
444.    A WWI medal, 2nd Lieutenant J C Bailey, complete with ribbon, and a commemorative George III plaque £40-60
445.    An Elizabeth I shilling, 30mm dia, and a Charles I shilling, 27mm dia £120-150
446.    A medallion commemorating the opening of the Industrial Exhibition of 1859, together with various other coins £50-70
447.    A pair of Brunel 2006 gold £2 coins, with COA £850-950
448.    A set of four silver proof 2004 pattern coins £40-60
449.    Five Nelson uncirculated £5 coins, five Trafalgar uncirculated £5 coins and four Entente cordiale uncirculated £5 coins £60-80
450.    Two Operation Overlord coins, in blister packs, a WWII 50th anniversary medal, in presentation pack, five Diamond Jubilee £5 coins, in blister packs, and a blister pack of pre-decimal coins £50-70
451.    A Prince George christening £5 coin, a silver £20 coin, a 2006 Britannia £2 coin and a 2012 Britannia £2 coin £60-80
452.    A set of eight 2012 Olympic £5 coins £40-60
453.    A 2007 Diamond Wedding gold proof £5 crown, with COA £950-1000
454.    A 2008 HRH Prince Charles 60th birthday gold proof £5 crown, with COA £950-1000
455.    A Krugerrand set in case, 1, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 with silver plaque, 59g, with COA £1550-1650
456.    A 2003 gold Britannia proof set, in case, with COA £1600-1650
457.    A 2002 Golden Jubilee thirteen-coin gold proof set, in case with COA £4000-5000
458.    A 2003 Coronation Jubilee gold proof £5 coin, with COA £600-800
459.    An Entente Cordiale Piedfort crown £40-60
460.    A 2008 gold proof sovereign four-coin set, in case with COA £1850-1950
461.    A 2002 Gold Britannia proof four-coin set, in case with COA £1600-1650
462.    A 2002 gold proof sovereign four-coin set, in case with COA £1850-1950
463.    A 2002 gold Manchester Games four-£2 coin set, in case with COA £1600-1700
464.    A Bailiwick of Guernsey Queen Mother gold £5 coin, in case £30-50
465.    Cyril Edward Power: a limited edition coloured print, "The Tube Station", unframed £30-50
466.    Edward Cherry: two black etchings, "Clock Tower, Westminster" and "Nelsons Column", pencil signed, in ebonised frames £40-60
467.    Honore Daumier: two 19th century coloured lithographs, French satirical cartoons, monogrammed and one titled £60-80
468.    Sir William Russell Flint: six semi-clad dancers, one looking at a picture, pencil signed in mount, produced by Frost & Reed of London and Bristol £80-120
469.    Henry Wilkinson: a coloured etching, standing black labrador, pencil signed in mount £30-50
470.    A framed set of twenty-five cigarette cards, "British Livestock", and two coloured photographs, girls in landscapes, in gilt frames £20-40
471.    After Pollard: a pair of 19th century coloured aquatints, "The Mail Coach in a Flood" and "The Mail Coach in a Drift of Snow", in strip frames £300-500
472.    Bartolozzi, after Lawrence: an 18th century stipple engraving, "Elizabeth Farren", in strip frame, and three other stipple engravings, in gilt frames £60-80
473.    T S Roberts: a pair of 18th century aquatints, "Entrance to Waterford Harbour" and "Eastern View of the City of Waterford", in gilt strip frames £80-120
474.    A 19th century Japanese woodblock print, woman with trays of food and attendant, in lacquered frame £60-80
475.    A Japanese woodblock print of a sage with a light in winter and a similar woodblock print, samurai and woman, in strip frames £80-120
476.    Two colour prints after Renaissance masters, another after Rembrandt and other prints, various £30-50
477.    Morris Finigan?, 1922: a coloured etching, winter scene, in ebonised strip frame £30-50
478.    A pair of early 19th century coloured aquatints, "Pheasant Shooting" and "Partridge Shooting", in strip frames £60-80
479.    Simon Tozer: a signed limited edition coloured screen print, "Gent's Hairdresser", 16/20, 14" x 13", in limed wood frame £80-120
480.    Ken Howard: a signed limited edition print, "Downing College", 110/350, and Claire Cooper: two monochrome studies, Downing College £30-50
481.    George Soper: A pair of etchings, horse and workmen logging, in strip frames £80-120
482.    A French 19th century map of the Macon region, a hand-coloured map of France and a framed indenture £30-50
483.    Saxton: a 17th century map of Berkshire, in gilt frame £80-120
484.    A hand-coloured map/plan of early 19th century Reading, in strip frame £30-50
485.    Ellis Luciano Silas: watercolour, St Paul's Cathedral from the River Thames with sailing barges, 12 1/2" x 17", in glazed frame £50-70
486.    C Roland: watercolour, "Richters Angle - Venice", 9 1/2" x 11 1/2" £30-50
487.    E Nevill: a pair of watercolours, lakes and mountains, signed 7" x 11", in gilt frames, one glazed £20-40
488.    Stanley Franklin, 26.6.1975: pen and ink satirical sketch, "Sorry dear, I can't stop for breakfast!", 10 1/2" x 14 1/2", unframed £30-50
489.    John Revel: pencil and watercolour, "Place Thieus Liseux", 13" x 18", in strip frame £40-60
490.    Alfred East: watercolour with river, figures, boat and distant church, 20 1/2" x 26", in gilt frame £60-80
491.    An early 18th century pastel portrait of an unknown woman, 28" x 22 1/2", in oval gilt frame £200-400
492.    An early 19th century watercolour and red crayon portrait of an unknown woman, 12" x 9", in oval gilt frame £60-80
493.    An early 19th century watercolour portrait of an unknown woman, 10" x 8 1/2", in gilt frame £50-70
494.    P De Wint: watercolours, "Queen Elizabeth Lodge, Essex", 11 1/2" x 8", in gilt frame £200-400
495.    G L Hall, 1876: watercolours, coastal wreck off Whitby, 29 1/2" x 41", in gilt frame £300-500
496.    A Buck: watercolours, roofscape with church, 11" x 14", in wash lined mount and gilt frame, and Bone: watercolours, lake view, 11" x 15", in slip frame £40-60
497.    S L Stephenson?, 1889: watercolours, old moated manor house, 17 1/2" x 12", in gilt frame £60-80
498.    A P: an early 20th century watercolour, view of Sonning, 4 1/4" x 6 1/4", in silvered frame, and JC?: watercolour, lime kilns at Newport, 5 1/2" x 9", in silvered frame £50-70
499.    David Cox?: a 19th century watercolour, cottage and figures in a clearing, 14" x 9", in gilt frame £40-60
500.    E Sykes: watercolour, extensive landscape with figure sketching, lake and buildings beyond, 15" x 21", in gilt frame, and Miles Tonks: watercolour, view of Castle Stalker, 9" x 13", in gilt frame £30-50
501.    Peter Arscott: oil pastel on paper, "Farben", together with other assorted framed watercolours and prints £20-40
502.    Two Indian watercolours, four figures with a small deer and a man with a musical instrument £30-50
503.    Thomas E Francis: pencil and watercolour sketch, Wallingford on Thames, 10" x 14", in wash line mount and gilt strip frame £30-50
504.    Shelagh: watercolours, a view of Gordale Scar, another watercolour, view of Marlow, signed MS, and a print of Henley-on-Thames, signed C T Davidson, all in strip frames £30-50
505.    D Houghton: A pair of watercolours, cottages with figures, 8" x 11", in gilt frames, and Derek Ward: a signed limited edition print, "One Man and his Dog", 114/1000, in strip frame £30-50
506.    Ellis Luciano Silas: oil on board, Brixham fishing boats with town behind, titled verso, 23 1/2" x 19 3/4", in painted slip frame £50-70
507.    A 19th century oil on canvas, Madonna and Child, 20" x 16", unframed £40-60
508.    A 19th century oil on canvas, seated woman, 20" x 16", in gilt frame £40-60
509.    Brenda King, 1979: oil on board, "Hot Pasties & Fresh Crabs", titled and signed verso, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2", in gilt frame £60-80
510.    Brandon: oil on canvas, two boats in a harbour scene, 21" x 29", in a black painted wooden frame £60-80
511.    Emily Court: oil on panel, still life "Henryi Lilies", 25 1/2" x 21 1/2", in painted and decorated frame £80-120
512.    After early Renaissance master: oil on pine panel, Madonna and Child, 15" x 10", in Tabernacle type mount £40-60
513.    J WC... : a 19th century oil on panel, boat drawn up on a beach, 11 1/2" x 7 1/2", in deep gilt frame £200-300
514.    McSherry?: a 19th century oil on canvas, "View near Windermere", landscape with figures by a boat and cottage, 23 1/2" x 19 1/2", in gilt frame £80-120
515.    •A Dujardin Beaumetz, Aout 1909: oil on canvas, "Porte de Concarneau", harbour scene with fishing boats, 31" x 25", in deep gilt frame £300-500
516.    A 19th century oil on canvas, landscape with figures, said to be "Apelly Castle Cumberland", 23" x 19 1/4" (cleaned and relined), in gilt frame £80-120
517.    E V H: oil on card, coastal scene with sailing boats drawn up on beach, 4 3/4" x 8 1/2", in gilt frame £80-120
518.    An oil on board, Dutch sailing boat in choppy seas, 4 3/4" x 6 1/4", in gilt swept frame £60-80
519.    Meissonier, 1851: oil on panel, battle scene with figures in armour, 6 1/2" x 8 1/2", in gilt swept frame £300-500
520.    •Frank Brangwyn: oil on canvas, "A Cornish Village", monogrammed and inscribed verso, 22" x 18", in gilt script frame £3000-5000
521.    A 19th century oil on board, portrait of an unknown gentleman, 10 1/2" x 81/4", in gilt frame £60-80
522.    Meissonier?: a 19th century oil on canvas, French cavalry with winter coats, 24" x 18 1/2", in gilt frame (cleaned and relined) £300-500
523.    Shirra?: oil on board, urban landscape, 8 1/2" x 19 1/2", in painted frame £80-120
524.    A pair of 19th century oils on board, stage coaches, indistinctly signed, 7 1/2" x 15", in gilt frames £80-120
525.    H West: a pair of 19th century oil on panel landscapes with figures, 9 1/2" x 13 1/2", in gilt frame £40-60
526.    C Muller? : a 19th century oil on canvas, still life with apples, grapes and peaches, 15 1/2" x 19 1/2", in gilt decorated frame £400-600
527.    A set of five early Victorian rosewood balloon back dining chairs with scroll carved top rails, stuffed over seats and tulip carved supports £30-50
528.    A George II design splat back open armchair with drop-in seat, on cabriole supports and crinoline stretcher, and one other chair £100-150
529.    An Arts & Crafts three-fold screen, inset with needlework views of Heidelberg £60-80
530.    A 19th century Continental walnut and inlaid metamorphic side cabinet with rising back fitted folding shelves, one long drawer and cupboards below, 44" wide £300-350
531.    A pair of ebonised elbow chairs of Restoration design with floral padded seats and backs, on turned and stretchered supports £80-120
532.    A 19th century Continental mahogany and brass bijouterie table, on brass reeded supports and shaped stretcher with applied dolphin mount, top 27" x 14" £200-300
533.    A William IV mahogany fold-over tea table, on carved central column and quadraform base with carved scroll acanthus leaf decoration to feet and brass castors, 36" wide £30-50
534.    An antique Oriental side table, fitted sliding front and two doors, on stretchered supports, 72" wide £400-600
535.    An 18th century rosewood elbow arm chair with scroll arms and Spanish embossed leather seat and back panels, on turned and stretchered supports £400-600
536.    An early 19th century mahogany, satinwood, box and ebony line inlaid fold-over top card table, on turned supports, 40" wide £100-150
537.    An early 19th century provincial oak linen press, the upper section enclosed arch top panel doors, over two short and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 52" wide £300-400
538.    A Georgian walnut semicircular fold-over top tea table with double action top, on cabriole supports and pad feet, 28 1/2" wide £150-200
539.    A Georgian oak corner hanging cupboard enclosed panel door, 27" wide £60-80
540.    An early 20th century mahogany framed scroll arm cane chair, with fitted pad seat, on turned supports £60-80
541.    A late 19th century ebonised and gilt line inlaid fold-over top card table, on twin turned column and stretchered supports, 36" wide £100-150
542.    A Gillows rosewood side cabinet with flanking columns, fitted one shelf, on ball feet, 28" wide £200-400
543.    A set of eight ebonised and brass inlaid dining chairs of Regency design (6+2) (for restoration) £100-200
544.    A set of eight mahogany dining chairs with carved giltwood swan shaped back panels, upholstered in a green fabric, on shaped cabriole supports (6+2) £800-1200
545.    A marquetry stool of early 18th century design with shaped drop-in seat, on cabriole claw and ball supports £200-400
546.    A 19th century mahogany fold-over top card table with concertina action, 33" wide £200-400
547.    A 19th century walnut and marquetry bureau, the upper section fitted two glazed cupboards with central mirror over one drawer and writing compartment, on gilt brass mounted cabriole supports, 34" wide £1000-1200
548.    An early 19th century mahogany three-section extending dining table, on reeded turned supports, stamped Gillows, top 48" x 142" when fully extended £200-400
549.    A 19th century marquetry and ebony shape tilt top occasional table, on faceted column and tripod splay supports, 27" wide £250-300
550.    A set of four Victorian carved mahogany balloon back dining chairs, upholstered in a cream fabric, on cabriole supports, and a pair of Victorian balloon back dining chairs with padded seats and backs £60-80
551.    A Victorian mahogany music canterbury, fitted one drawer £20-40
552.    A Georgian mahogany serpentine front dressing table mirror with three drawer base, on squat bun feet £30-50
553.    A Victorian polished as walnut chest of two short and three long drawers, on bracket supports, 41" wide £40-60
554.    A Victorian mahogany side table, fitted two drawers, on slab end supports £60-80
555.    A Louis XVI kingwood marquetry and brass mounted two-tier serpentine etagere, on cabriole supports, 34" wide £300-500
556.    A late 19th century side table, fitted frieze drawer, on turned supports, 42" long £20-40
557.    A Georgian mahogany cheese coaster, converted to a stool, 20" wide £60-80
558.    A Regency rosewood "X" frame stool (now a glass top coffee table) £80-120
559.    A 19th century mahogany tray top bedside table, fitted one drawer and brass castors, 15 1/2" wide £80-120
560.    A 19th century mahogany torchere, with fluted column and tripod splay support, top 12" dia £60-80
561.    A 19th century mahogany side table, on square taper supports, 17 1/2" wide £40-60
562.    A 19th century mahogany quartetto table, on slender turned and tapering supports, 17" wide £30-50
563.    A late Georgian mahogany and satinwood banded bowfront chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, with stamped brass handles, on splay bracket supports, 42" wide £150-250
564.    A mahogany torchere with fluted column, on tripod base, 10" dia (damages) £40-60
565.    An 18th century mahogany piecrust top kettle stand, on turned column and tripod splay support, 12" dia £80-120
566.    A Georgian mahogany circular top occasional table, on turned column and tripod splay supports, 20" dia £60-80
567.    A 19th century mahogany bowfront chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, with turned wood knob handles, on splay bracket supports, 42" wide £100-150
568.    A Georgian mahogany, chest on chest, the upper section with canted fluted corners, fitted three short and three long graduated drawers, over brushing slide, and three further long graduated drawers, on bracket supports, 44" wide £400-600
569.    A late 19th century rosewood and inlaid writing desk with brass gallery over central stationery compartment, two pairs of flanking drawers, tooled writing surface and three drawers, on square taper supports, 42" wide £300-400
570.    A 19th century mahogany circular drop leaf dining table, on square taper supports, 48" dia £150-250
571.    A 19th century mahogany stool with needlepoint seat, on cabriole supports, 12" wide £30-50
572.    An elm top stool, on three turned supports, and a fruitwood panelled top stool, 10" wide £60-80
573.    A quarter cut oak plank top stool, on panel end supports, 20" wide £40-60
574.    A 19th century circular top occasional table, on bobbin turned column and tripod splay support, 16 1/2" dia £50-70
575.    A 19th century mahogany rectangular tilt top occasional table, on slender turned column and tripod splay support, 17" wide £50-70
576.    A 19th century mahogany double pedestal dining table with two extra leaves, on turned columns and tripod splay supports, 46" x 108" when fully extended £400-600
577.    A William IV mahogany sideboard with raised back, fitted shelf over cupboards enclosed brass wire grille doors, flanking central open shelves, 68" wide £300-500
578.    A George III mahogany and kingwood banded semicircular fold-over top card table, on square taper supports, 36" wide £80-120
579.    An early Georgian oak side table, fitted one drawer, on pole turned supports and pad feet, 33" wide £100-150
580.    A late Georgian mahogany side table, fitted one drawer, on square taper supports, 24" wide £100-150
581.    An early 19th century mahogany bar back scroll arm elbow chair, with drop-in seat, on faceted supports £60-80
582.    An early 19th century mahogany bar back elbow chair, on square taper and stretchered supports £60-80
583.    A set of four 19th century Oxford bar back dining chairs with panel seats, on turned and stretchered supports £100-150
584.    A set of six late Georgian mahogany dining chairs of Chippendale design, with Gothic pierced splats and drop-in leather seats, and a carver chair (6+1) £300-500
585.    A set of five 19th century bar back dining chairs with drop-in seats, on tulip carved turned supports (4+1) £200-300
586.    A late 19th century walnut dressing table, fitted mirror and two drawers, 36" wide, and a George III satin walnut corner washstand £30-50
587.    An early 18th century walnut chest on chest, the upper section three short drawers over three long drawers, the base two short drawers over three long drawers, with brass handles, on four bun feet, 66" high x 42" wide £500-800
588.    A Georgian design mahogany shield back hall chair, on turned supports £30-50
589.    A 19th century polished as walnut circular adjustable piano stool, on reeded splay supports £40-60
590.    A Georgian inlaid mahogany wine cooler with two brass swing handles, on four splay supports, 18" wide £200-300
591.    A mid Victorian figured walnut octagonal top work table, with fitted interior on carved splay castored supports, 17 1/2" wide £50-70
592.    A Victorian tub back armchair, upholstered in a cream fabric, on turned and castored supports £40-60
593.    A set of six Victorian carved oak dining chairs with padded seats and backs, on carved castored supports £30-50
594.    An early 19th century oak drop leaf Sutherland dining table, on square supports, and a 19th century mahogany swing frame mirror, on reeded standards £20-40
595.    A 19th century mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, on bracket supports, 40" wide £60-80
596.    An Edwardian mahogany and inlaid spindle back oval occasional chair with embroidered panel seat, on turned and inlaid supports £40-60
597.    A bachelor's Georgian mahogany chest of four long graduated drawers with brushing slide over, on bracket supports, 35" wide £200-400
598.    A William IV mahogany tilt top table, on turned baluster column and triform base with squat ball feet, 8 1/2" high £50-70
599.    A late 19th century Arts & Crafts oak two-tier occasional table, carved with scroll decoration, on spindle supports, 18 1/2" dia £60-80
600.    An early 20th century mahogany chest of two short and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 12 1/2" wide £50-70
601.    A smoker's 19th century mahogany bow back armchair with splat back and leather pad seater, on turned supports £50-70
602.    A 19th century walnut hall chair with padded back panel and seat, on cabriole supports, and a French cameo back side chair (for restoration) £40-60
603.    A George III provincial mahogany elbow chair with pierced splat and drop-in seat £40-60
604.    A 19th century mahogany and kingwood banded bar back elbow chair, with stuffed over seat, on square taper supports £50-70
605.    A Georgian mahogany and banded sofa table, on twin supports, 42" wide (for restoration) £80-120
606.    A Georgian mahogany fold-over tea table, fitted one drawer, on square taper supports, 35" wide £100-150
607.    A 19th century mahogany circular dining table, on square taper supports, 48" dia £80-120
608.    A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, fitted one drawer, on square taper and castored supports, 33" wide £40-60
609.    A 19th century two-seat nursing chair with "gilt" frame, upholstered in a cream silk £40-60
610.    Two 19th century mahogany framed side chairs with needlework upholstery, on square supports £80-120
611.    A Georgian mahogany flap top washstand, fitted one drawer, on square taper supports, 25" wide (for restoration) £80-120
612.    A Georgian mahogany break bowfront sideboard, fitted three drawers, on turned supports, 42" wide £60-80
613.    A 19th century mahogany and banded bowfront chest of two short and four long drawers, on splay bracket supports, 46" wide £80-120
614.    A late 19th century mahogany chest of six drawers with knob handles, 14" wide £40-60
615.    A late 18th century provincial oak kneehole desk, fitted eight drawers and central cupboard, on bracket feet, 38" wide £100-150
616.    A late Victorian ebonised carved wooden box with sloping hinged lid, front carved lion mask, 26" wide £50-70
617.    A 19th century oak and mahogany banded bedside cabinet, fitted cupboard and two lower drawers, 25" wide, and a 19th century mahogany framed wall hung corner cupboard, fitted three shelves enclosed glazed door, 30" wide
618.    A Victorian oak hall chair, the back carved scrolls, and a "smoker's bow" armchair £60-80
619.    A Georgian oak wall hung corner cupboard enclosed panelled door, 32" wide, and a 19th century oak circular occasional table, on tripod base, 24" dia £30-50
620.    A 19th century mahogany oval occasional table, on tripod base, 26" x 20" £20-40
621.    A Louis XVI design ebonised and gilt side cabinet enclosed two glazed panel doors flanking columns, 39" wide £100-150
622.    An Edwardian walnut revolving bookcase, 15" square £100-150
623.    An Edwardian walnut and kingwood banded Sutherland tea table, 27" wide £50-70
624.    A late Victorian ebonised and brass inlaid framed low seat nursing chair £40-60
625.    A late Victorian walnut circular top piano stool, on reeded splay supports £80-120
626.    A late Victorian rosewood and inlaid work table, on spiral turned and stretchered supports, 23" wide £80-120
627.    A Chinese hardwood low table, top 48" x 20", on shaped carved supports £100-150
628.    An Edwardian walnut music cabinet, fitted seven drawers, on bracket feet, 25" wide £60-80
629.    A Victorian mahogany shaving stand with adjustable mirror and circular top with two compartments, 18" dia £100-150
630.    A Victorian figured walnut Sutherland tea table, on pierced panel end supports, 36" wide £100-150
631.    A 19th century walnut hat stand with brass hooks, on lion paw feet £100-150
632.    A walnut and banded Davenport desk, fitted stationery compartment over tooled lined writing surface with two drawers below and four drawers to the side, on cabriole supports, 21 1/2" wide £100-150
633.    A set of six 19th century rosewood loop back dining chairs with drop-in seats, on tulip carved supports, and a pair of similar 19th century rosewood side chairs £150-250
634.    An Edwardian walnut and inlaid corner elbow chair with padded seat, on turned and stretchered supports £40-60
635.    A William IV mahogany extending dining table, with centre leaf and handle, on turned and reeded supports, 40" x 40", 56" when fully extended £30-50
636.    A set of three Regency polished as mahogany bar back dining chairs, with gold striped Trafalgar seats, and a similar chair with carved shoulder board £30-50
637.    A Victorian walnut pedestal cabinet, with fretted three-quarter gallery and moulded amber glass panelled door, 24" wide, and a late Victorian mahogany Sutherland occasional table, on twist turned end supports, 24" wide £30-50
638.    A late 19th century walnut serpentine front music cabinet, fitted seven drawers, on cabriole supports, 22" wide £80-120
639.    A late 19th century figured walnut tray top worktable, on turned and stretchered supports, 20" wide £60-80
640.    A late Victorian light mahogany double pedestal desk with cream leather insert and nine drawers, 48" x 26 1/2" £100-150
641.    A 19th century mahogany and line inlaid demi-lune fold-over card table, on square tapered supports, 36 1/2" wide £60-80
642.    A 19th century pole screen with needlepoint bird decorated panel, in rosewood frame, 8" wide, on tripod scroll base £60-80
643.    A Georgian design long case clock with brass dial and stained wooden case, 80" high £80-120
644.    A late 18th century oak provincial mahogany and inlaid long case clock with swan neck pediment, thirty-hour movement and painted dial by A Pozzi, Wootten Bassett, 84" high £200-400
645.    A 19th century giltwood framed hanging wall mirror, 23" x 28", and a circular wall mirror, in laurel wreath frame, plate 16" dia £80-120
646.    An Italian early 19th century walnut triple panel overmantel mirror, carved with heads of classical maidens, 42" wide £60-80
647.    A 19th century mahogany swing frame toilet mirror, on tray base, 25" wide £50-70
648.    A carved giltwood framed wall mirror of 17th century design, plate 17" x 21" £80-120
649.    A pair of gilt lancet mirrors, 20" x 8 1/2", a gilt framed oval mirror, plate 9 1/2" x 6 1/2", and a lacquer framed wall mirror, plate 10" x 8" £40-60
650.    A giltwood lancet framed wall mirror plate, 47" x 11" £60-80
651.    A 19th century figured mahogany swing frame toilet mirror, on scroll supports and plateau base, 25" wide £50-70
652.    A rectangular wall mirror, in deep gilt frame, plate 22" x 43" £50-70
653.    A late 19th century / early 20th century octagonal Venetian glass mirror, the border with floral decoration with crest of leaves surmount £100-200
654.    A Victorian mahogany swing frame mirror, on marble topped base, 26" x 20" £20-40
655.    An oval gilt framed wall mirror, 30" x 20" £20-40
656.    A Victorian swing frame toilet mirror with flanking columns, on plateau base, 24" wide £40-60
657.    A Victorian mahogany swing frame toilet mirror, on plateau base and ball feet, 23" wide £40-60
658.    An arch top gilt framed wall mirror, plate 33" x 13" £30-50
659.    A bevel edged wall mirror, plate 29" x 39", in deep gilt frame £60-80
660.    A polished as mahogany open armchair, upholstered in a cream simulated leather, on square supports £20-40
661.    A set of four contemporary plywood faced, polished aluminium and steel framed, stacking chairs, label to seat rail for E G Designs £300-500
662.    A nest of three Scandinavian design polished as mahogany tables, the largest 21" x 15" £50-70
663.    A Louis XV design open arm fauteuil, upholstered in a green floral striped fabric, and two small matching cushions £30-50
664.    A nest of four early 20th century floral painted occasional tables, on splay supports, 19" wide £40-60
665.    An "Old Colony" walnut and banded extending dining table with two extra leaves, on central column, top 84" x 44" when fully extended £80-120
666.    A walnut and banded chest of five long drawers, 24" wide £40-60
667.    A French 19th century fruitwood circular occasional table, on turned supports, 23" dia £30-50
668.    A Louis XVI design mahogany marquetry and inlaid serpentine top fold-over card table, on brass mounted cabriole supports, 34" wide £400-600
669.    A set of four early 20th century mahogany salon chairs with central splats, carved swags, and a pair of matching tub armchairs £60-80
670.     A set of eight Stuart Linford Windsor dining chairs with pierced central splats and spindle backs (6+2) £600-800
671.    A Stuart Linford 17th century design oak dining table, on turned supports fitted stretcher rails, 84" x 36" £400-600
672.    An early 20th century oak sideboard with mirrored canopy back over base fitted two drawers and cupboards enclosed by carved panel doors, 72" wide £80-120
673.    A 1960s laminate finish display cabinet with gilt decorated glass door £30-50
674.    An oval oak drop leaf dining table, on turned supports, 24" long, and a green wicker bed table, on folding stand £50-70
675.    An Edwardian satinwood banded mahogany bureau, fitted three lower drawers £20-40
676.    A mahogany wine table, on tuned column and tripod splay support, 14" dia £30-50
677.    An Edwardian mahogany towel rail, 28 " wide (for restoration) £40-60
678.    A polished as mahogany four poster single bed with wire bed base £40-60
679.    A reproduction four-tier whatnot, on cupboard base enclosed two doors inset metal grilles, 25" wide £30-50
680.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid and banded double bed frame, 54" wide £30-50
681.    An oak refectory table with draw leaves, on panel end supports, 96" x 40" £150-200
682.    A mid 20th century oak sideboard, fitted three drawers over cupboards, on supports, 72" wide £50-70
683.    A mid 20th century oak dresser with plate rack over two drawers and two cupboards, on supports, 34" wide £50-70
684.    A reproduction mahogany and line inlaid serpentine hall table, on square taper supports, 34" wide £30-50
685.    A pair of late 19th century side tables, on turned supports, a Victorian oval centre table, fitted slide (damages) and a white painted Lloyd Loom tub armchair £20-40
686.    A Chinese hardwood and glass display cabinet with lighting, on shaped square supports, 49" high £50-70
687.    An early 20th century oak drop leaf gate leg table, on barley twist supports, 23" wide, and an oak three-tier cake stand £40-60
688.    A modern oak extending dining table with two leaves, on tapering supports, and a set of eight lath back dining chairs with panel seats £150-200
689.    An early 20th century walnut filing cabinet enclosed tambour shutter and a similar filing cabinet £60-80
690.    A grey painted open bookcase, 30" wide £20-40
691.    A Jacobean design oak telephone table, 21" wide, a Sutherland occasional table, on square twin end supports, and a modern teak Sutherland dining table, 55" long when fully extended £30-50
692.    A tub armchair, fitted a rust loose cover, a 19th century square footstool, upholstered in a green fabric, a pine framed wall mirror, 16" x 23", a gilt framed mirror and two picture frames £30-50
693.    A set of six 1960s spindle back dining chairs with oatmeal covered seats £60-80
694.    An Ercol pebble coffee table, 14" wide £40-60
695.    A Kashmiri coffee table with carved top, 36" x 18" £20-40
696.    A Chinese carved lacquered side cabinet enclosed two panelled doors over two drawers, on stile supports, 40" wide £80-120
697.    A Chinese floral decorated lacquered cabinet enclosed two doors, 18" wide £50-70
698.    An ash and elm spindle back elbow chair with panel seat, on turned and stretchered supports £80-120
699.    An Ercol 1950s polished as walnut fireside chair with Prince of Wales splat back £40-60
700.    A kelim print bedside cabinet with lift up lid and two drawers, 21" wide £40-60
701.    A low walnut, bone and mother-of-pearl inlaid games table, on carved elephant head supports, 24" dia £40-60
702.    A figured mahogany three-tier folding cake stand and a toilet mirror £30-50
703.    A pair of ash and ladder back chairs with rush envelope seats, on turned and stretchered supports £40-60
704.    A waxed pine chest of two short and three long drawers, 34" wide £60-80
705.    A pine single pedestal desk / dressing table, fitted four drawers, 40" wide, and a circular pine occasional table, on tripod base, 30" dia £30-50
706.    An antique waxed pine two-tier open wall shelf, 28" wide £60-80
707.    An early 19th century pine bowfront two-door corner cupboard, 41" high £30-50
708.    A 19th century pine kitchen open armchair with spindle back, on "H" stretcher and turned supports £40-60
709.    A 19th century pine kitchen open arm chair, with spindle back, on "H" stretcher and turned supports £40-60
710.    A set of seven pine rush seated ladder back dining chairs £20-40
711.    A pine two-tier washstand, fitted one drawer, 32" wide £30-50
712.    A 19th / 20th century Persian rug with geometric patterns on a blue ground and a floral border on a yellow ground, 56" x 41" approx £60-80
713.    A Kashan design rug decorated floral motifs on a red ground, 84" x 58" approx £40-60
714.    A Persian antique silk prayer rug, the mihrab in shades of blue and multi-bordered in red and natural, 66" x 48" approx £5000-6000
715.    No lot
716.    A Persian vase rug with blue central medallion on a sand ground, multi-bordered in shades of red, blue, green and natural, 81" x 50" approx £300-500
717.    A modern Bokhara runner of traditional design on a green ground, 115" x 38" approx £60-80
718.    A Persian tribal rug of traditional design with central medallions on a blue ground with birds, flowers and animals in shades of red, blue, brown and natural, 136" x 86" approx £150-250
719.    A Bokhara rug with five octagonal guls on a sand ground, 63" x 38" approx £40-60
720.    A Turkish tribal rug with central medallion on a black ground and florette border, 76" x 51" approx (worn) £50-70
721.    A Bokhara saddlebag in shades of brown and orange, 38" x 27" approx £50-70
722.    A Bokhara runner with fifteen guls on a pink ground, 72" x 26" £40-60
723.    A Kazak rug with cream ground and blue star borders, 72" x 48" approx £80-120
724.    A modern Turkmen rug with star design on a red ground, 60" x 39" approx £50-70
725.    A Chinese contour pile rug with floral figured design on a turquoise ground, 74" x 26" approx £50-70
726.    Two tribal mats (one with moth damage) and a sheepskin rug £30-50
727.    A modern Turkmen rug with star design on a cream ground, 70" x 38" approx £50-70
728.    A modern Turkmen rug with star decoration, 50" x 32" approx £50-70
729.    A Turkish rug with blue medallion on a pink ground, 77" x 48" approx £80-120
730.    A modern kelim rug with four yellow guls on an orange ground, 91" x 61" approx £80-120
731.    A Herati rug with central medallion on a blue figured ground and red borders, 116" x 76" approx £150-200
732.    A painted metal and wooden garden bench with slatted seat and back £40-60
733.    A weathered composite stone statue of embraced lovers, on plinth base, 46" high overall £60-80
734.    A pair of cast stone recumbent lions, 24" long £80-120
735.    A cast stone seated lion, 21" high, a seated child and a sleeping pig £50-70
736.    A cast stone figure of Venus de Milo, 35" high £40-60
737.    A cast stone figure of Venus washing her hair, 46" high £50-70
738.    A pair of reeded rectangular planters, 20" high £80-120
739.    A terracotta planter, 26" high £50-70
740.    An antique terracotta rhubarb forcer, 14" high £50-70
741.    An antique rhubarb forcer, 16" high £50-70
742.    Nine glazed planters £40-60
743.    A shallow planter, 19" dia, two strawberry pots and a number of other terracotta planters, flowerpots, etc £40-60
744.    A terracotta chimney pot, 35" high £50-70
745.    A cast iron birdbath, 32" high £40-60